Mocha Blog: Starbuck’s “Jessica Dupas” Specialty Mocha

Mocha Blog: Starbucks Jessica Dupas MochaIf you have ever had an independent Barista’s beverage, you will understand that the flavors delivered by major coffee chains such as Blenz, Waves, and Starbucks are uncomparable – they taste cheap. And, along with the cheap flavors, you are usually followed by a loud, entitled environment, or an uncomfortable environment, or a lack of any true personality. But, these large chains have their benefit – their locations are endless. They are in universities, hospitals, the middle of nowhere, and probably sooner-rather-than-later Mars. So, if you absolutely need to accommodate yourself at a time and place where “[insert city] coffe shops” yields no results, what should you get?

At the compliance of an insistent request, I tried a specialty mocha that I fear may be the last drink I would ever have. But, when a Mocha is pitched as the most delicious concoction ever, it is my chocolatey duty to serve. This mocha is not for the feint of heart, but it does make quite a delicious guilty-filled birthday beverage. As a brief backstory, I usually utilize my free birthday starbucks drink on a regular, fully-loaded Salted Caramel White Mocha. Admittedly, I will go rollerblading for the entire next day to burn the calorie-sugar onslaught, but I have always enjoyed my yearly splurge. So, I was interested in at least trying this proposition:



½ Pumpkin Spice Latte

½ White Chocolate Mocha

½ Sweetner

1 Sugar Packet

Whip Cream

Stir the whip into the drink before indulging

Personally, I know this would probably invent a new type of diabetes in my soon-to-be 66 year old body. The amount of sugar in this drink amount to such a frightening amount that it negates the point of the espresso. However, I would never be a well-rested soul if I left a mocha unturned.

Initially, it was not that bad. However, at a normal Grande size, it became overkill halfway through the drink. My brittle old teeth were starting to feel funny, and the influx of cream did feel heavy in my chest. It was kind of like the feeling of a McDonald’s milkshake mixed with cake frosting – a terrifying conglomeration that could have its moments of being your light after a dark time. Personally, I would remove the sweetner, sugar packet, and get it half sweet at least – the whipcream could be optional depending on your mood.

No Espresso Flavor to Espresso Flavor Scale


Hot Chocolate Flavor to Cocoa Flavor Scale

Type 2 Diabetes/Sugar

I did find the mixture of white chocolate and pumpkin spice interesting. It was a nice refreshment from the chocolate bombardment that I am used to in chain coffee shops. However, it should be noted that this is it is still a sugar drink, and not a mocha. There was no espresso to be tasted. But, this is what you get when you order your happy meal at the coffee world’s McDonalds. This was a hot fudge milkshake in the spirit of pumpkin spice, which may just be what you’re feeling on a weird day.

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