007: Politics, Reforms, Referendums, Oh My!

Important Correction: There is one accidental omission to this discussion - if ProRep is voted in, you may or may not be able to vote directly for the person whom will be your regional representative. You may only have the power to vote for what party you want to represent you regionally, and the party has the full power to choose the candidate. This decision will be decided for the public by politicians - as of right now, the public does not have a say for how the regional candidate is chosen.In this podcast, the monkeys discuss electoral reform. British Columbians (Canada) have an upcoming mail-in vote for-or-against proportional representation (ProRep). Choices being the current system (winner-takes-all) or a change towards proportional system (proportion of vote equals proportion of power). To make it more confusing, if British Columbians choose ProRep, they get a choice between three separate voting systems. The monkeys try to delve deep into the pros and cons of each system as well as our own biases and preferences. Is voting important? How do voting systems reflect local and public will? Does fascism occur if people are represented proportionally? Or is it the winner-take-all paradigm that contributes to this phenomenon? Apologies for the last half-hour of poop-flinging.Voting systems are fun!

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