039: Casual chat about cooking & feeding your dog mold

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The bloody weather again.Gunnar cooks professionally as meat engine with guanciale.  Tyler gets ignored.  Chefs are sleezy used car salesmen who add value to meats by cutting them to pieces like the property brothers on love it or list it.MAGNITUDINALLY BETTER cooking tips with Gunnar who HATES tomatoes.The GOD frequency and PURE music. Gunnar teaches us about Buddhist and christian music traditions.  Healing crystal music and religious discrimination.  Tyler still gets ignored, and 6 dimensional music.Exciting technical difficulty that made it into the final cut where Tao artfully, clearly, and concisely expounds SECRET music EXPERT insights.Tyler stops being ignored and becomes a BAKER to avoid declaring bankruptcy.  Sourdough bread should KILL US ALL.Tao hates nice things and is an unknowing car bigot.Scientist chef, Gunnar Leitner, suggests eating moldy bread, and instructs the monkeys on the health benefits of botulism.Fromage connoisseur tip EXPLAINED: Slaughtering baby goats is a reliable means to finding quality cheeses.Rotten cabbage evolutionary innovations > economically viable electric cars and controlled fusion.Gunnar's SCIENTIFIC dog cereal with 20% rotten science milk TM.  Buy his upcoming SCIENTIFIC cookbook to learn more.Ducks die from bread, but Tyler won't go bankrupt because ducks don't BUY bread, human's do, but humans put the bread in the milk to get it soggy for 3 hours - PARISIAN dog le chien oui/non bibliothèque bonjour. AKA Feeding your dogs EXPLAINED: put a smile on your dog's face, feed it science milk bread in cereal.GODS HAVE NO EMOTION, but Gunnar's dog is a genuinely happy boy.Pet food conspiracies:  Pigeons and old people have a deep connection (unity through opposites Heraclitus style) through bread.Komodo dragons are DEATH.Simple microtone sampler by Michael Dean (Just Intonation vst): https://biptunia.com/?p=3990Planets piano video: https://youtu.be/zvG4fXo-UK0Infinite Monkeys FASHION (we all SUPPORT this (not sponsored, we just love the products)): https://goop.com/Heraclitus (ignore the relativist and flux interpretations of his work - they're bullshit): https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heraclitus Heraclitus basically anticipated Group Theory 2300 years before it emerged in 1800s: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Group_theorywww.tylerjwenzel.com www.gunnarleitner.com www.taogaede.com

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