010: How to fix universities: 101

Today, the infinite monkeys try to fix university. After a quick chat on the etymology of cancer and horoscopes the monkeys try to figure out what they would change about post-secondary education. In terms of admissions, delivery, and final judgement what would you change? Problem-based learning seems to hold promise as a way of learning (as evidenced in Sweden), might it help make universities more efficient and effective? Lectures seem to be antiquated and ineffective relics of the past; how can the classroom adapt? How can we make examination fairer and more reflective of knowledge and skills? Should post-secondary education be mandatory? Is education as important to societal health as healthcare? What are invisible costs and how does education (or free education for that matter) factor into this? Is bureaucracy wasting all of our money and destroying the world? Will free education lead to even more of an entitled society? Tao, Tyler, and Gunnar grapple with these questions and come up with potential solutions in a late-night edition of the podcast. Enjoy!

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