024: Are murder documentaries a good thing?

Today on the podcast, Tao, Tyler, and Gunnar discuss murder documentaries! After a quick catch-up after Tyler’s vacation, the monkeys chat the effects of watching murder documentaries. Why are Canadians and Americans so hooked on consuming murder-media? What are the ethics of making so much content that revolves around real people doing horrible things? Why don’t we hide the names and faces of serial killers? Is Netflix and the creators of murder-media glorifying serial killers?

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Written by Tyler J Wenzel
Tyler J Wenzel is a Scientist, Filmmaker and Educator based out of British Columbia, Canada. He is available as a Director of Photography, a Director, a Live Producer, an Audio Technician, and an Educator. He has worked with Juno award winners, international music festivals, weddings, school districts, and published scientists.
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