In this episode, Tyler, Tao, and Gunnar try to figure out what being a pseudointellectual is. The use of jargon might be an effective strategy at confusing people into believing you’re smart, but does it mean that you are intelligent? Is intellect signalling a thing? Is this merely a question of intent in conveying information? Should people be humbler when approaching discussions to avoid seeming pseudointellectual? Or is it fine to approach intellect arrogantly (if you can back it up)? Are self-help authors inherently misleading and therefore pseudointellectual? It seems as though pseudointellectuals have a mix of these characteristics. They apply dogmatism, unnecessary jargon, and speak with an air of sometimes unmerited authority. When it comes down to it, it seems as though a skeptic is antithetical to a pseudointellectual and on some level, these are inversely related concepts. Even though some facts are objectively true, you should always approach situations skeptically, even this podcast.

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